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 Living Savior Preschool exists to provide a safe and caring Christian environment in which we assist parents in training children to know and love Jesus, and to make him part of their daily lives.We believe each child is a unique gift from God. It is our goal to nurture and educate each child according to his or her individual needs.


Our curriculum will provide each child with age appropriate activities and experiences that will contribute to the development of the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, socially, academically, and physically.

Our curriculum allows children to develop at their own rate, explore the world around them, enjoy the journey of learning, and know and love their BEST friend, Jesus!

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Through their experiences at the children will:
    • Know the Bible is God’s Word
    • Trust in Jesus as their best friend and speak to him in prayer
    • Share the good news of Jesus’ forgiveness with others
    • Demonstrate growing independence and confidence in their abilities
    • Develop responsibility for themselves and their environment
    • Show curiosity and a desire to learn
    • Develop language skills and their ability to express themselves
    • Expand problem solving and reasoning skills
    • Appreciate and express themselves in art, music and movement
    • Develop their large and small motor skills, as well as their visual and  auditory skills

Learning Centers:

Our preschool classroom is divided into centers. Throughout the year our monthly themes and religious focus is integrated into these areas.

Through the variety these centers provide, children grow in all areas of development. Our curriculum objectives are accomplished through the following areas:

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Block Building                          Daily Bible Lessons

Imaginary Play                       Writing

Creative Art                           Reading

Music & Movement                Science

Large & Small Motor Skills     Math

Community Awareness         Memorizatoin

Social Skills                              Sensory