Easter NewSeries webslide

If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would that be? The question isn’t if everyone is looking for something new. The question is if you have found it. More profound than new stuff or fluff, what is that one thing that has permanently and perpetually made everything new—even in the face of a broken work, the pain and fear of death, and otherwise uncertainty in eternity?

Enter Easter. At Easter, Jesus rose from the grave, defeated death, conquered sin, and gives the sure hope of heaven. This and only this can truly make everything permanently new both now and forever.


  • April 16 - Easter Makes Everything NEW
  • April 23 - New Faith for Old Fears
  • April 30 - New Proof for Old Promises
  • May 7 - New Security instead of the Usual Uncertainty
  • May 14 - New Strength for the Same Opposition - Confirmation Sunday & Mother's Day
  • May 21 - New Way for Old, Broken Roads
  • May 28 - New Purpose for Normal People