Living Savior is blessed to have two pastors serving our two locations. Although both are actively working in both locations as a team for the betterment of overall ministry, Pastor Caleb Kurbis serves predominantly as the campus pastor of our Asheville location and Pastor Paul Zell serves predominantly as the campus pastor of our Hendersonville location. 

Pastor Caleb Kurbis

My wife, kids, and I are happy to call Western North Carolina home. I grew up near the mountains in Washington, so this place has been comfortable from the start.

Caleb Kurbis

Being a pastor has always been on my mind. More than anything that's because pastors, teachers, my parents, and others encouraged me to consider it. And I always admired the humble service God was carrying out through the pastors in my life. So, from early on, being a pastor has always been in the picture. And I couldn't be happier to say it's a reality.

I enrolled at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. It was there that I received my BA.It was also there that I met Sarah. After graduation, she taught in Minnesota for two years while I began my graduate studies at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, WI. During these four years, I continued the intense studies I began in college, studies in the original, biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), counseling, preaching, outreach, and more. I also thoroughly enjoyed the practical experiences in the Milwaukee area and through a year of internship in Summerville, SC. It was also during these years that Sarah and I said, "I do." We have been blessed with four children: Micah, Madelyn, Jonah, and Elias. Yes, that means we have officially moved from "zone defense" to "prevent." (Sorry to those who don't appreciate the sports analogy.) They have made life fun and filled with blessings beyond what we could have anticipated. God is good!

God continues to bless this incredible church family with an exciting ministry and increasing opportunities to reach out to our community. You will find that Living Savior is a place where Christians connect with one another and with their Savior Jesus. The people of Living Savior and I would love for you to experience what we have found together, peace in Jesus our Savior and purpose in life.   

If I am not in the office, I am visiting people, and/or spending valuable family time. Call or e-mail me anytime. I look forward to getting to know you and sharing the message of your Savior, Jesus, with you. I would love to grab a "non-committal" cup of coffee to discuss anything about God, his Word, his saving love for you, and how that impacts families and our surrounding community. 

Pastor Caleb Kurbis
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Call me at 828.650.0404 - ext. 200. 

Pastor Paul Zell

May I introduce myself?

I was brought up in the Midwest. My dad was a pastor, my mom a registered nurse. As a boy I dreamed Pastor Paul Zell photo of a lifetime playing and coaching basketball. When you stand next to me, you’ll immediately see with
your own eyes why I thought I had a decent chance. Yet the pastors and teachers I came to know over
the years also had me considering of a different sort of calling.

During my first dozen years out of the seminary I was an instructor at two different Lutheran high
schools and the pastor of a congregation known for its campus ministry. All of that took place north of
the Mason-Dixon Line. Afterwards I served for ten years as pastor of a church in Georgia. As you might
expect, my family fell in love with the South. Yet from 2002 through 2017 we were back in the Midwest.
At Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary I enjoyed the privilege of training future pastors, teaching courses in
the New Testament and in preaching.

God has blessed my wife Cathy and me with three children. Our son currently resides in Oregon. Our
two daughters plus one son-in-law live in Virginia. Recently we’ve been given the special joy of having a
grandchild to love.

Cathy and I have enjoyed making Living Savior Lutheran Church and Hendersonville “home.” But Cathy
and I didn’t move here for what we can gain from living in the South once again. We came to share
the grace of God in Jesus Christ.

You see, when you come to know the Holy Scriptures, you find that God’s grace is not only “amazing,”
like the song says; it’s also powerful and practical. God’s grace is a comfort in times of stress. It gives rest
to those who are weary. It brings God’s everlasting mercy even the “chief of sinners” (1 Timothy 1:12-
17) and an “overflowing hope” to anyone who trusts in him (Romans 15:13).

If you’re still reading this little “bio,” I hope you will give me the opportunity to show you what the
Scriptures say and to build you up in the grace of God that’s poured out through Jesus Christ. Please
don’t be reluctant to get in touch with me with a text, email, or phone call.

Pastor Paul Zell
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Pastoral Intern Tommy Welch

Tommy Welch serves as the Vicar (pastoral intern) at Living Savior. His duties include pastoral work such as preaching and teaching. One of his favorite things about coming to Living Savior is the opportunity to meet and connect with members of the congregation.vicar welch

His wife’s name is Grace and they have two young boys. When he is not serving the congregation, you will most likely find him and his family outdoors enjoying God’s beautiful creation.