DAILY DEVOTION - Read your daily devotion to fill in the God-sized gap in your day.

WEB BIBLE - This website provides Scripture in a wide variety of translations, devotional passages, as well as a handy quick search tool. 

WHAT ABOUT JESUS? - Do you have questions about the Bible, God, or what our church is about?

WISCONSIN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN SYNOD - Our congregation is not alone. We are part of something bigger, the third largest Lutheran church body in America. Our overall organization and unwavering confession on Scripture strengthens our unity with one another and our ability to share Jesus our Savior with the world.

SOUTH ATLANTIC DISTRICT YOUTH - The youth in our congregation are supported by and connect to other youth in our region (North Carolina to Tennessee to Louisiana to Florida) to build their Christian faith, have fun, and strengthen friendships. 

NORTHWESTERN PUBLISHING HOUSE - Our church body's publishing house produces Biblically-sound, Christ-centered materials for all ages. 

TIME OF GRACE - A widespread, relevant, and Bible-based message that proclaims Jesus Christ as our Savior for people today.

WISCONSIN LUTHERAN SEMINARY - Our church body's post-graduate school prepares pastors by equipping them with the exegetical, theological, historical, and practical tools necessary to serve God's people.

MARTIN LUTHER COLLEGE - Our college trains candidates to meet the ministry needs of our church body, preparing teachers, staff ministers, and future pastors (who continue on to WLS) to serve their Lord faithfully in his church.

WISCONSIN LUTHERAN COLLEGE - This private liberal arts college is affiliated with our church body, producing Christian leaders today for tomorrow. 

LUTHER PREPARATORY SCHOOL & MICHIGAN LUTHERAN SEMINARY - These two high schools prepare and encourage young people to grow and serve the Lord Jesus in his church.