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When looking into just about anything, it helps to know where to begin? That's true if you were going to start a new workout regimen, a new hobby, and/or a new home project. Putting first things first is not just beneficial, it's necessary. The same is true in studying God's Word. Incidentally, starting at the beginning is a very advantageous way to grow in God's Word for people on any level of understanding or experience. In addition, it helps to know what a church is all about, how they use the Bible, and how to understand the differences between teachings of various churches. That is why we have Foundations.

Foundations is a study for everyone. It's for the inquiring visitor, the casual observer, the inquisitive passer-by, and the member who needs to refresh why we believe, teach, and do what we believe, teach, and do. These Bible-based discussions run at various times throughout the year and can be adjusted to fit personal schedules. We also provide childcare upon request, no cost. It's our privilege to help. 

To learn more and/or to sign up, contact the office (828.650.0404) or go to our Foundations page at


Small Group Bible Study

Sometimes big groups can be intimidating. And sometimes it is a lot easier to connect to other people in a smaller, more relational setting. That is why we have a couple different small-group studies throughout the year. On many Saturday mornings, we meet at 9:00AM at church for a Bible study. And on many weeks we occasionally have an additional topic to study. All of these studies are based on God's Word and are discussion-based. If you have any desire to learn more about these small group studies and/or to get involved, feel free to contact the office today.


Sunday Family Bible Hour

We understand how important it is that every member of any given family feel like they are being heard and given a chance to grow emotionally, physically, relationally, etc. That's also true for every person of any age spiritually. That is why we set aside time on Sunday for children of all ages, teenagers, and adults to grow in God's Word. We call it "Family Bible Hour."

During Family Bible Hour, every child studies God's Word in a fun, safe, and encouraging environment. There is a low student-teacher ratio where experienced and caring teachers instruct Bible lessons, apply its truths to benefit the child's daily lives, and guide them through activities. And they grow in their faith as they work through an award-winning "Christ Light" curriculum. Growing in our faith doesn't stop (or even slow) as we get older. The adults meet together in a relaxed environment where there is no obligation to participate and every opportunity to ask and discuss. This class is incredibly fun. It's a larger group of Christians who simply love to discuss God's Word and encourage one another in their walk of faith.



Living Savior Preschool provides a quality education that develops the whole child to grow in their understanding of the world around them, their ability to adapt to the changes that lie ahead, and their trust in their Savior Jesus who loves them. 

To find out more about our preschool, go to



We all know how difficult the middle school and high school years can be. And this is just the beginning of what these teenagers are going to face as they enter college and adult life. They are and will be bombarded by so many difficulties with their group of friends, their studies at school, and their interaction with the world around them! Wouldn't it be great if they could also weather these storms with God's Word? That is why we take very seriously how we can reach out to teens in order to help them grow strong in their faith. And that's what the word confirmation means — strengthening.

Throughout the school year, our teens meet to study God's Word in a way that relates to them, not in a way that flies over their heads. This relevant, Bible-based discussion does three things: strengthens their faith in their God and Savior, Jesus Christ, prepares them to face everyday challenges now and in the future with God's Word, and equips them to live lives of service to others.