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In general, do you think that people need hope? Do you think that, generally speaking, people need peace? What about answers? Not just answers to silly questions like, "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" but answers to bigger questions like: "What comes after death and how can I face that?" . . .  "Is there a greater purpose for my life here and now?" . . . "Is there a solution for the brokenness that I see so prevelant in the world around me?" Do you think people need that? Do you personally need that? We do too. That is why we are so driven to not being a church that is inward focused, but a group of people that is outward focused. The Savior who is the answer to death gave us this greater purpose to share eternal hope and lasting peace with any and everyone in this broken world. Reaching out to others with the Gospel is what we do. It motivates us to serve others in our community because God served us. 

Community Service

Throughout the year we look for ways to serve people in our community. Whether it's putting together Christmas food boxes for those in need, cleaning up the yards of those who aren't able and can't afford it, or serving meals to Veterans and others who are hungry, reaching out to others in these and many other ways is an incredible priviliege and a rewarding joy.  

Soccer Camp

Every summer our congregation puts on a week-long soccer camp. The youth in our congregation and the surrouding community enjoy a week where they learn about their Savior Jesus, make new friends, receive excellent soccer instruction, and have lots of fun. For more info, go to our soccer camp page at

Fall Festival

At a time when we get back into the swing of school schedules and the routine of work, we set aside a Sunday to have some fun and enjoy friends and family. Of course food is a big part of that. We invite the community to join us for welcoming worship, food, and fun. Look for this event to happen on one of the first weekends in October. 

Mornings with Mommy

These organized play dates for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are a great way for parents (dads, grandparents, babysitters, etc. ... not just moms) to spend quality time with their kids with age-appropriate, educational activities (arts, crafts, sensory table, flannel stories, music, etc.) in a clean, friendly, and fun environment. We plan it. You simply sign up, show up, and we'll clean up. These organized play dates take place on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. We take the summers off. For more information, check out our page at

Christmas for Kids & Easter for Kids

On a Saturday before Christmas and Easter we throw an event for the kids. Think of it as a one-day VBS where kids take part in an interactive Bible lesson, games, and other acitivites that center on the true meaning of that season. It's perfect for parents too, because they can drop off their child to get some shopping or cleaning done. Sometimes parents like to tag along and enjoy the morning with their child. That's great too!


Leading up to Christmas, Easter, our Fall Festial and at various times throughout the summer, we invite everyone to celebrate God's grace with us.

*See the calendar for specific times and dates.