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Our youngest son attended Living Savior Preschool for two years. We placed him there because our older kids were in school and LSP has extended hours compared to other church-based preschool programs in the area. While the hours are great, there are so many wonderful things about this program-- our family has been blessed to be part of the LSP family. This is the most amazing preschool program! I cannot say enough good things about Mrs. Krauss, the other teachers and the nurturing environment they have created at LSP. My son excitedly runs into the school every morning and is beyond prepared for kindergarten. Thanks to the teachers at LSP, he has such a love for learning! – AM

By far, the best Preschool in Asheville. You will see a noticeable difference in your child's learning and behavior within weeks of starting school. – KB

This preschool was everything we were looking for when we originally moved to Asheville. It was small enough for our kiddo to not feel overwhelmed by the class size, great location and the option of hours was just perfect for us. All the teachers are so warm and nurturing, and put so much love into what they do. The curriculum is very well thought out and every activity, song, project is done with purpose, which was explained clearly to all parents at orientation. I am so happy and proud of how well prepared my kiddo is for kindergarten. We absolutely loved our time with Living Savior Preschool and will continue recommending it to anyone who is looking for a preschool. – MC

My daughter was in Living Savior for the 3 and the 4 year old class. And I can’t say anything but amazing, positive things about  Eva and the entire staff at Living Savior. They truly care about the well-being of the children and are so incredibly impactful with their graceful ways of teaching and guiding them. They have truly set the standard for what education should look like. – JR

I can’t say enough good things about Living Savior! Our daughter is happy every morning when we drop her off and pick her up. They are kind and very thoughtful. Love Living Savior! – DJM

More from previous years . . . 

After some research, Living Savior Preschool was the choice for our child and we could not be happier with that decision.  In searching for a preschool our top priority was to be sure that she would be loved and cared for by people we could trust.  We can say without a doubt that LS Preschool provided that, as well as created an educational environment to prepare her for Kindergarten and a peaceful environment to help continue her lifelong journey as a follower of Christ.  We are continuously encouraged by her development at LS Preschool spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively.  The teachers and staff are kind, patient, communicative, and she has grown so close to them during her time there, which is a true blessing.  We will be sure to recommend LS Preschool to any of our family and friends with little ones in the future as we believe any child can thrive there. – V. & C. Tomlinson

I cannot say enough about this preschool. We came from another preschool in the area and Living Savior surpassed all of our expectations. Eva's organization is impeccable and her love for the children shows in everything she does. The other teachers are great with the children and my child has grown so much academically. What I love most about this school is that everything they do incorporates God. Whether it is being greeted by the pastor or "morning coffee" my daughter and I always feel welcome. – B. Williams

Living Savior Preschool has been such a blessing to our family. Our son has been with Mrs. Krauss for almost two years, and our daughter was so excited to finally start this past year. Most mornings, our two-year-old daughter looks forward to sitting on the floor with Pastor Kurbis while he reads her a story so that I can get the older two into class. The joy that my children have experienced at Living Savior Preschool is a reflection of the love that Mrs. Krauss and staff have for them. Not only have Mrs. Krauss and the staff overly prepared our children for kindergarten; but more importantly, they've helped teach our children that God is in everything they're learning. In addition to teaching our children, Mrs. Krauss has also taught us as parents by providing feedback for our children that is constructive, encouraging, and Christ-centered. Mrs. Krauss is a friend and we will be forever grateful to God for the impact Living Savior Preschool has had on our family. – M. Key