Few things are more necessary for life than light. It's no surprise that the very first thing God did when he created the world was pierce the primordial darkness with light. It's also no surprise that Jesus does the same thing. He illuminates our world of darkness with his beautiful, life-giving light. This wasn't true only when he walked the earth. He still breaks into our darkness and gives us new life as we bask in the light of his Word. On this Sunday we see how Jesus is the light that draws. More than drawing Magi to the manger, Jesus still brings people to the brightness of his love and forgiveness. That’s what Epiphany is all about. Epiphany (from the Greek word for “manifestation” or “appearance”) is the second oldest festival of the Christian Church, observed continuously for about 18 centuries. Throughout these weeks, culminating with the Festival of Jesus’ Transfiguration, we celebrate how God made known Jesus’ identity as true God, the Messiah, and the Savior of the world.