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Commitment can be scary. It’s hard to know what we’ll gain and what we’ll lose. Will reward outweigh the risk?

God’s approach is very different. When it comes to God’s commitment to us he doesn’t hold back. At all. In fact, he’s ALL IN! With seemingly reckless grace, he gave his own Son, Jesus! And since he gave his Son for us all, how will he not give us all that we need now and forever? (Romans 8:32)

With that kind of commitment to us, how can we not want to manage all our time, all our talents, and all our treasures to serve his highest purposes?

Join us for a series of worship services in which we encourage one another to be ALL IN – to the praise and glory of our Savior-God who himself is ALL IN for us!

Over the first three Sundays in November, we will be covering these concepts:

  • God's Word
  • Our Time
  • His Resources

Asheville location: 10am  &  Hendersonville location: 9:30am