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When our world changes drastically, everything is put on the scale of importance. Probably more clearly than ever before, we can compare what used to matter with the priorities of today. Even more so, Christians are challenged to weigh everything in life on the scale of eternity. Throughout this series, our savior Jesus will not only show us what matters in life, he proves how this life is of far greater worth.

Join us as we resume in-person services at four times between both locations.

  • Saturday 6pm in South Asheville
  • Sunday 8:30am in South Asheville
  • Sunday 9:30am in Hendersonville
  • Sunday 10am in South Ashevillef

In addition to in-person, outdoor, and drive-in options, the online version will be shared on YouTube and Facebook on Sunday mornings.

Service videos and materials will also be emailed out first thing, each Sunday morning. If you would like to receive these resources and our latest updates, please scroll to the bottom of our home page.