Three Words Midweek Lent

Much can be said with just a few words. Whether it's a profound proverb or a brief phrase, sometimes just a few words get to the heart of the matter. 

During his final days, Jesus had a lot to say. And yet, here and there, so much was said in just three words of truth.

Each Wednesday leading up to Easter, we will meet for a dinner and devotion at one of our locations. Dinner starts at 5:30PM. The devotional service starts at 6:30PM. Everyone will be on their way home by 7PM. This is a great way to close out the middle of each week, to enjoy fellowship as one church meeting together, to enjoy the spiritual rest that God promises and provides, and to more deeply contemplate our Savior's passion. 

The schedule is as follows. Note each location. 

  • AVL - Ash Wednesday, March 6 
  • AVL - Wednesday, March 13
  • HVL - Wednesday, March 20
  • AVL - Wednesday, March 27
  • AVL - Wednesday, April 3
  • HVL - Wednesday, April 10