The Journey midweek lent tv

Travel can be defined as going from point A to point B. But if you have ever taken a significant trip, so much happens along the way. We wouldn’t dismiss it as simply the space between two points. 

When you open the pages of Scripture, you can’t avoid the “from” and the “to” in God’s great work. From this mountain to that one, from this tree to that one, from this status to that one. The journey of God’s grace and the work of Jesus Christ can’t be simplified into the space between two points. In fact, as we open God’s Word we will see that his journey is about a whole lot more.

Join us for dinner at 5:45pm and our devotional service at 6:30pm - 7pm.

  • Ash Wednesday - February 26th @ Living Savior Asheville - "Heart to Heart: Sackcloth & Ashes to Robes of Righteousness
  • Wednesday - March 4th @ Living Savior Asheville - "Garden to Garden: Eden to Heaven"
  • Wednesday - March 11th @ Living Savior Hendersonville: "Mountain to Mountain: Moriah to Zion"
  • Wednesday - March 18th @ Living Savior Asheville: "Out of Egypt: Through the Water"
  • Wednesday - March 25th @ Living Savior Hendersonville: "Tree to Tree: The Tree of Life to the Cross"
  • Wednesday - April 1st @ Living Savior Asheville - "Death to Resurrection: The Wilderness to the Promised Land"