We dedicate so much of our lives trying to fit in and feel like we belong. With each passing year we realize the brokenness of our world and its inability to satisfy the longings of our heart. More and more feeling out of place might actually be a good thing? God's Son unsurprisingly seemed out of place when he came to this earth. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise us when the same is true of those who follow him. All the more we want to discover the beauty of knowing we don’t belong. This week, we look at where this all started for Jesus public work. In his baptism he takes us with him as he launches onto the scene to live a life that is entirely contrary to this world. As Martin Luther put it, “(in baptism) We do no favors.” We make ourselves and our children enemies of sin, death, and Satan. Yet, how beautiful it is to know that God in baptism has saved us for our eternal home. Even now he helps us live an un-worldly life.