“Life is a journey.” You’ve heard that axiom more often than you can count. Some will point out that “life has its ups and downs." Others will warn that life is full of "detours" and "forks in the road." So much is said about our “personal journey” that we can lose sight of the One who alone makes life purposeful and meaningful. Far more significant than the journey we take, Jesus' road took him on the path of suffering, death, and hell. Yet the path he paved and the life he gave lead us to the peace and security we could never have reached on our own.


Today's focus: Distracted driving is a major problem. We don’t need to ask the insurance agent or the state trooper to know that cell phones, billboards, other drivers, people walking on the sidewalk are among the countless distractions that pull our eyes away from the way ahead. It’s as common as it is dangerous. Jesus’ road was anything but free from distractions. From Satan’s temptations to the weakness of humankind to the weight of a saving a broken world, Jesus faced every temptation. And yet he over came every distraction as he took steps that only the Savior could take.

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