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Hendersonville location One man schemes in his heart to steal a “gift” from a generous believer. Another man quietly loves his riches more than he loves the Lord and goes home sad. In both instances, the Word of God cuts the heart open and lays everything bare. Since the selfish thoughts and attitudes of our hearts are exposed to our holy God and nothing is hidden from his sight, “who then can be saved”? Isn’t that impossible?! All week the kids have been exploring this very predicament? It’s worth our consideration too. The greatest thing that God can accomplish and has promised to do is saving us from sin and for eternity. For nothing is impossible with God! Jesus, the Son of God, did the impossible and kept his thoughts and attitudes pure. Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God presented himself as a perfect offering on the cross. Jesus, the eternal Son of God rose again. God promised all of this through his Word. Through his Word he still turns selfish, indifferent hearts to him in faith. He still forgives sins that seem too great. He still lovingly draws us close to his eternal life. And in that way we receive and live a life that’s impossible.